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Follow these Methods to find fake ID created on Facebook

Facebook is quite popular among people who use social media. Many people benefit from it, while many people become victims of cybercrime through it. For this reason, people are now using it very carefully.

There are also many fake IDs on Facebook which are very difficult to identify, but you can avoid any kind of untoward by identifying such profiles in many ways.

Check Facebook Profile Photo

First of all, pay attention to the profile picture and see whether it is a real photo of the user or taken from Google.

Also, note that a photo has not been changed since. If the photo is changed too quickly then there is less chance of that ID being fake.

If the photo has been around for a long time, that ID may be fake.

Check About us

To find out about ID you should go to the About section and read about it. If that account is fake then he would not have given information about his job, college and home, etc.

On the other hand, if he has given all the necessary information about the family and himself, then you can trust him. Keeping this in mind, accept the friend request from any account.

Check Friendlist

If you cannot find out about the fake ID of Facebook, then check the friend list of that user. If some of your friends are involved in it then it is definitely not fake. Also, pay attention to how many and how people have followed him.

This will help you to know about it and you will be completely satisfied.

Check Comments and Posts

Pay attention to the posts and comments made by him to find the fake ID. If you are finding out about a girl’s account, then see the comment below her post. If most boys have comments then it can be fake.

It should have comments from both boys and girls. Also, note what kind of posts he does.

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