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Twitter Deleted 1.7 lakh users for spreading China Government Narratives

Twitter has closed more than 1.70 lakh accounts to spread the propaganda of the Chinese government. Twitter gave this information while releasing a statement on Thursday.

All of these accounts served as a network and tweet supporting the Chinese government, from Hong Kong to the Coronavirus epidemic. Let us know that China has blocked Twitter, but people of the country use it through VPN software.

How to Work

According to Twitter, of the 1.70 lakh Twitter accounts that have been closed, 23,750 were highly active and used to tweet continuously. At the same time, the rest of the 1.50 lakh accounts to retweet and comment on their tweets to increase their impact.

According to the researchers who analyzed the accounts, most of these accounts were fake and they have tweeted a total of 348,608 times. Most accounts were tweeted in the Chinese language.

Most Tweets from Hong Kong

According to a Twitter statement, these accounts spread geopolitical natives benefiting the Communist Party of China. Most of his tweets were related to Hong Kong but were also tweeted on other issues including the coronavirus and Taiwan.

Rini DiResta of the Stanford Internet Observatory said the network’s activities began in January and reached its highest level in the month of March. During this period, the virus was spreading outside China.

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